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Re: JK Dates

#206797 2 years ago
scar1et_f1re wrote:
I just PM'ed you my cellphone # Greatest Story, love to hear from ya between sets. I'll be there with a bunch of friends and there will be a lot of the gd / furthur family there tonight

Or if you get there earlier give me a shout if you'd like. They do not let you leave this venue, but I HOPE the entire back will be open (they closed it off two weeks ago..but tonight will be a packed zoo).

And PS I LIED, shorts tonight... will be in mid 60's. Wish I had my tie dye socks...FURTHUR FLOWER )))

Much love all.

Have a safe weekend all

And I just saw this all now, booo.
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Re: JK Dates

#206826 2 years ago
john should be cashing in on his furthur fame more.
seriously, if he dusted off some good bandmates, it would be fun.
and leave the east coast for christ sakes.
its not like i could afford to see you until, after jan. so how about then.
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